Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Transition Area
This past Sunday a few of us signed up to volunteer for the Brooklyn biathlon at Prospect Park. None of us had done a biathlon before, so we took this opportunity to see what it was all about. Also, it allowed us free registration to the Queens biathlon. Team members Jane Z, Jeff L., Bud P. and I arrived early in the morning at Prospect park at 0600hrs. Not to waste a good Sunday to train, we also bought along our bikes to train at the completion of the biathlon.

What did we learn? There are some elite athletes out there. In the transition area, where competitors would change from running to biking and vice versa, they planned out how they would come to their station and change. They would ask where they would come into the area and which direction they would leave. We "note to self" those minor details and watched as they warmed up. Some competitors ran around a little bit, but few warmed up on the bike.
Starting Line

At the starting line, everyone was poised and ready to go. Layers of warm clothing were removed and everyone looked more streamlined. Off they went down the pavement at Prospect park and the first person would come back from the 2.1 mile run in just under 11 minutes. I was astonished. He changed and was off quickly. At the end, the winner one in an approximate time of 50 minutes after completing a distance of 2 mile run, 10 mile bike and 2 mile run.
Bud P. would rather be racing
L to R, Eddie G, James L., Kevin C. Sam E. 
Else where in Queens, self proclaimed Team Zombie Bravo was gathering for a brick workout in Alley Pond Park. Team members Eddie G., Sam E., and new members James L. and Kevin C. met up at 1000hrs to practice the hills of Alley Pond Park. Today they would complete a course marked by Eddie G. to be 2 mile run-7 mile bike- 2 mile run. This workout would be beneficial for race day.
Team Zombie Bravo's James L. pounding the pavement

Sam E. motivated to improve his run
 Back in Brooklyn, at the end of the Brooklyn biathlon, Team Zombie Alpha was gearing up to go on their brick workout. Joining them would be members Zhiyu L. and new member Adrian C. Our course would be a 2 mile run- 6.5 bike- 2 mile run. For Jane Z., it would be longer for she took the wrong path and did two smaller bike loops. But, not to cheat the team or herself a workout, she continued onto an extra large loop biking for a total of 7.5 miles. After wards, we were starving and why miss an opportunity to eat out in Park Slope. Lunch was well deserved at Dizzy Diner. Till the next workout. Ooorah!

Makeshift transition area

L to R Zhiyu L., Bud P. new member Adrian C. and Jane Z.

L to R Zhiyu L., Bud P., Adrian C. Jane Z., Joe Z. (me)

Juevos Rancheros post workout recovery meal

Hungry ass warriors

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