Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Training Ops

Setting up our transition area
As with any great training plan, as time goes by, there will be a point where you have to kick it up a notch. This weekend was one of those times we kicked it up, kicked it up into outer fucking space.
Approx 3/4 mile point. Still all smiles

Team Zombie is compromised mostly of members from Xtreme Dragon Boat Racing Team (including me). At this time of year, practice begins for the oncoming dragon boat competitions. Not to neglect any practice, we've incorporated it as part of our workouts. The usual DB (dragon boat) practice days are in the morning every weekend. Those participating in the biathlon will have to train to complete their brick workouts either Saturday before DB practice or Sunday after DB practice. Then we've got the nut jobs that decide to do it both days of the week. More power to them.
Cynthia C. telling us she's still ok

Unfortunately, no pictures were taken during Saturday's practice and I was not able to attend due to work commitments. I will tell you this, mostly every body that went to Saturday's brick workout also went to Sunday's. That's dedication right there.

After DB practice Sunday at the World's Fair Marina in Flushing, we headed off to Alley Pond Park, the site of most of our brick workouts. There was a great turn out with 17 team members at ready. Bikes were staged and the route briefing was given. Shortly we were off. The distance we would be covering is a 2mile run-2 mile bike- 2mile run. Of course, what's a workout without its share of hills.
Adrian C. (Left) and Joseph Z. (Right) determined

How were these people so motivated? How did I get persons that hate to run, throw on running shoes and freakin run? One member didn't even know how to ride a bike until she heard of the team. Interesting fact, I'm the only veteran in the team. None of them has the impact of wounded veterans as much as I do, yet they're doing as much as I am. Running the dreaded hills, biking the distances, sacrificing their time to spread the word about the team. What would you rather do on a beautiful weekend? Probably sleep the fuck in or vegetate in front of the HD flat screen. Negative. Not these Zombies. I can tell you why they're motivated. Cause they have a lot of fucking heart. They believe in this cause as much as I do. More than the veterans in my college do. That's another damn story.

Team Zombie, you've made me proud. You're the platoon I've been looking for since I've left the Marines. I am honored to have fallen in your ranks. Semper Fi and Ooo fuckin Rah!
Marilyna L.

Otto C. (Left) and Leaanna K. (Right) off for the 2nd Run

Jane Z. is Xtreme-ly excited

Cynthia C. showing off her new found bike skills

Jeremy K. had some technical difficulties (Pedal broke off from too much torque)

Gary L. is Xtreme
Eddy K. checking his finishing time

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